What Teachers Admire in Voice Students

Have the Courage to Show up as Yourself 

Your teacher can work with what you provide. If a paint shows up with his paint but no brushes – it wont work. So come in, as your perfectly imperfect self, and be ready to refine your technique and create beautiful musical moments. What the key ingredient to artistry: YOU. So show up are yourself and get ready to WERK!

Good Things Take Time 

The most realistic expectation that a student can set is that being a musician is a marathon – not a sprint. Simply put: Good things take time. Frankly speaking: Teachers are not magicians. This means that they cannot tell what the future holds nor can you walk out as the next Pavarotti after one 15 minute lesson consultation. Commit to the journey and put the work in- between your lessons. Practice!

Prepare for Your Lesson 

There have been times where this has felt very daunting for me as a student. If this is the case, speak with your teacher about specific ways to prepare for your next lesson.

Ask Questions

This is YOUR time! Write down questions that may arise as you practice. Bring them into your lesson and ask away. The more your bring into your lesson – the more your teacher/coach have to work with! Don’t be shy!

Be respectful of your Teacher’s Time 

If you sign up for a lesson, cancelling can often constitute as a gap in a the teachers schedule or a missed opportunity for a student on a waiting lists. Do what you can to keep your commitments. Sometimes this isn’t possible – in that case communicate your conflict as soon as possible. But always, respect your teachers/ colleagues time.


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